Thursday, July 25, 2013

On Sunday I shared a variety of good things that are happening in the world.   We get lots of "ain't it awful" news, but there are lots and lots of "Hey, we are getting some things so right and things are going in the right direction" news events. 

Rev. Catherine (from the Hollywood area) shares the story of her 'heathen' friend who, when a woman fell down the stairs at a party in his home,  made sure 911 had been called and then lay on the floor with the woman and talked to her and touched her hand.  Later, when Rev. Catherine asked him why he had  done that, he said: "What did you expect me to do, stand and look down at her?"  

Perspective- all growth comes when we get a different perspective.   In this case, the man was willing to meet the woman where she was and see things as she saw them and offer his presence and care in support of her.   Wow, what would happen if lots of us worked at doing that?   ky told me that two leaders in our National organization attended the Pentecostal Conference.  They wanted to explore how we are alike.  It is easy to see where organizations, belief systems, and people differ; but  growth and healing come when we look for and see the areas where we are alike. 

I also shared a portion of a video that Bono made for where he showed graphs of changes that are happening.  The number of people living in bone- crushing poverty has dropped substantially world- wide and is continuing to do so.   At our current rate of eliminating starvation among people, we will eradicate that issue in just another 10 or fifteen years.   Think about that; we are making major progress in eliminating poverty and hunger.   As Bono told us, you don't hear that often.  Now, is it acceptable that even one person goes to bed hungry?  No.   Are we making progress?  Yes.  Are we moving in the right direction?  Yes.  Are we doing some really good things?  Yes.   

I also shared a story about how much of the earth is becoming desert. Even the driest land can be reclaimed by introducing herds of animals and letting them graze on land that doesn't look like it would support them, but it will !  Those herds will then push seeds into the ground where they can grow, and with their natural processes those herds will fertilize those seeds.  There are always seeds, but they can't take hold in dry land without help and fertilizer.  Over and over it has been proven that within a year, dry land can become green.  Then when the rains come, that water is captured.   Then people have food to eat and the ability to develop their lives.   

There are answers to our issues.  Part of finding those answers is knowing they are there.  Our greatest enemy is hopelessness.  Being the choosers we are, we can focus on knowing that things are and will continue to create a "World that Works for Everyone."   This is part of the vision and mission of the Centers for Spiritual Living. 

Remember - Saul Good and getting better!

Much love, 

Rev. Carolyn