Wednesday, September 25, 2013

On Sunday we talked about how God is for us and ahead of us.  The concept that The All-in-All is not about judging or finding fault, but is actually actively for us is one that will change our lives.
Having been raised in a faith that emphasized that I was being watched and when I did something 'bad' there would be punishment maybe even banishment to hell, the idea that God was actually for me, supporting me, sourcing me to fulfill my desires, blew my mind.   The knowing that Spirit is always with me and that I can't not end up with and live in Oneness with the Divine has changed my core beliefs and my life.   It took me a while to accept it, but since I have, life has been that great adventure others talk about instead of the fear laden movement to a possible really unhappy ending.

Rob Bell shared a definition of blessing I had not heard before but like a lot. Blessing actually means, "God is for you."  God is for me, oh yes!

Spirit is also ahead of me.  That next great idea that takes me further on the journey to living my highest and best is Spirit calling me forward.  Rob shared several stories from the Bible to show that Yahweh was meeting the people where they were at the moment and calling them forward. 

One was a scripture that others quote as being barbaric.  It talks about the spoils of war, especially women.  The scripture is telling how they must be treated as people and taken into the household after they have had a time of mourning to have the status of wife.  At the time, a woman taken as part of the spoils of war was slave/property with no standing, no rights and no hope.  This was calling for the humane treatment of all people.  In other words, this was a call to see the Oneness, the value, the proper treatment in and for all.

We as individuals and as communities and nations are ever being given new ideas of how to live our lives with more awareness and expression of the Oneness of All.   Spirit is ahead of us calling us to More.   We know that we must first be the change we want to see.   So, what new idea is percolating within you?  What must you release, embrace, become for the full expression of your highest and best?

The above questions are taken from the Visioning process.  We will be doing that and talking about the Louisville Center for Spiritual Living on Saturday from 9 AM to Noon here in Jeffersonville, come join us. 

Shalom - Peace, wholeness and well-being, for you and yours.
Much love,

Rev.  Carolyn 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thank you!  The Board on the behalf of the Center sent a fruit and cheese basket to let me and my family know of your love and support.  Bob and I were in Angleton, Texas, to be with my son, Jim, and handle the service celebrating the life of my daughter-in-law, Kelly, last week.   She made her transition in early August after several months of dealing with the effects of liver disease.  Your continued prayers for Jim and all of us are deeply appreciated.   Loss is not easy even when we know her life continues in growth, expansion and love.  We will miss her.

On Sunday, our topic was Spirit with us.  Of course, that was the perfect subject for me at this time.  Knowing that I am never alone no matter how it looks or feels brings me great comfort.  I got to and I encouraged others to think of a moment or many moments when we felt the Presence, the moments when our hearts are open and we feel connection and rightness.  It is hard to explain what those moments are and how they feel. 

I love how Spirit unfolds in my life.  That morning I was practicing with the LCSL music ensemble and had one of those moments.  All of a sudden my heart filled with love for those in the room, for ky's music, for my ability to join in, for the words and melody of the new song we were learning and the tears flowed.  And I thought, how do you explain moments like these.  As best I can knowing that words fail me.  And even more important, how do I stay in the feeling for as long as I can and revisit it often?  By just breathing and being.

On September 28, we will have our annual meeting at which we vision for LCSL and talk about where we are and where we are choosing to go.  We will meet here in my home from 9 - 12 and encourage everyone who can to come and join us and give us their input.  We will talk about things that our minds tell us and we will vision/listen to hear what Spirit is revealing through our hearts. 

Visioning is a form of meditation designed to help us listen in a focused way.   We talked about it and experienced a taste of it on Sunday during our meditation time and will do so again next Sunday.  There will be pencils and paper for folks to write down what they are feeling and thinking.  We know that many will not be able to join us on Saturday and we want to capture as much input as possible from everyone.   I encourage you to spend some quiet time listening to the answer(s) you receive to the question, "What is the highest and best expression of LCSL?"  What you get may be words, or colors, or images, or feelings, or whatever.  Don't edit, just share with us.

Again, thank you for allowing me to serve as your minister.

Much love,

Rev.  Carolyn