Monday, January 28, 2013

How to Use the Thing Itself

In our discussion on Sunday we were talking about the fourth chapter in The Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes. The first of the Chapter is about understanding that the metaphysical principle is like any other scientific principle, it can be proved and must be to be used fully by the metaphysician. Ernest, in his work, strove to remove the mystery and uncertainty around understanding how the Universe works. In his most famous quote, "There is a Power in the Universe, and we can use it." Before we can use it, we must understand how it works. It always works the same for everyone. If this were not true, it would not be a principle, but just a nice idea. Page 53, "We should learn to control our thought processes and bring them into line with Reality. We should be able to look a discordant fact in the face and deny its reality, since we know its seeming reality is borrowed from illusion..." "While it is true that wrong conditions exist, they could not remain unless there were someone to experience them . Consequently, the experience must be in consciousness. Change the consciousness and the false condition will disappear." I gave the example of deciding to release the experience of sinus conditions. I withdrew my attention from that type of experience and when it tries to intrude, I simply deny it and ignore it. I give it no attention. It has now power of its own. Therefore, it simple dissipates into the nothingness it is. There is a beautiful meditation on page 56. There is so much to share and understand from this Chapter and in the others. I close with a quote from the last page of the Chapter. "A new light is coming into the world. We are on the borderland of a new experience. The veil between Spirit and matter is very thin. The invisible passes into visibility though our faith in it... Happy are we if we see these things which, from the foundation of the human race, have been longed for by all aspiring souls." Much love. Rev. Carolyn

Monday, January 7, 2013

We don't really know what is possible!

In November a story appeared in our newspaper about Jerry Beyl of New Albany, Indiana. Jerry is 88 years old and been in a wheelchair for ten years. In May of this year he had a small stroke. The lingering effects were weakness and loss of control in the right arm. He was sent to a rehab center where they hoped in a month, they could restore control and usage of the right arm. At the end of a week, his arm was better than they had expected and someone had the bright idea to see if they could get him on his feet. The first day they asked him to stand for one minute. He couldn't do it. But the next day they tried again and just kept going from there. By the end of his month in rehab, he walked out of the facility on his own. He shared he just wanted to walk hand and hand with his beloved wife, Agnes, and do some chores around the house and help her. Agnes is now dealing with a non-treatable breast cancer. Now my question was, "Who had the openness to even suggest an eighty-eight year old man, who had spent the last ten years in a wheel chair, could walk again?" Don't know but someone looked past what was precedent (what had gone on before) to see the possibility that is always nearer than our next breath. Spirit is not bound by precedent and neither are we. Oh if we could get that, there is no telling the places we would go. In thinking about what we know and the circumstances, I considered what in the consciousness of Jerry got him out of that wheel chair now. We know that outward expression is a result of thought/consciousness. I have no way of knowing and don't believe Jerry could tell us, but it makes sense to me that a deep desire in Jerry's heart was to help Agnes with what is happening for her now. The deep desires of our hearts are what Law/Spirit responds to. Could Jerry have said, "I think I need a small stroke so I can get out of this chair." I don't think so. But Spirit knows the how, our job is to choose the expression, the experience we want to have. I invite you in this moment to take a deep breath. As you release the breath think, "I release what I think I know is possible." As you breath in think, "I receive and recognize the deep desires of my heart." I feel how it feels. If we boil everything we desire down, the end result will be feelings of being loved, loving, belonging, being fulfilled, inspired, enthusiastic, abundant and safe. yummmmm that feels good. Warm and comfy hugs to each of you. Rev. Carolyn