Friday, March 7, 2014

On Sunday I shared a talk by Rev. Sally Robbins at the WOW conference.  It was great fun.  Some of the things we can learn from Tigger are that we have tops made out of rubber, bottoms made out of springs, and we are each one of a kind. 

Remember playing with silly putty?  One of things many of us did was push the silly putty against the Sunday comics and come away with an image.  When we wanted to change it, we just massaged the putty and put it against another image.  

Our tops are made out of rubber; we can reset the imprint as many times as we want to.  This is putting our choices into the Law (Spirit) which always says yes. 

If our lives are reflecting an image we are ready to release, our rubber tops give us the opportunity to choose again. 

In our Shortcut to a Miracle class we are refining our ability to choose new ways of living in expectation.  Sally told the story of a brand new Practitioner who bought (the perfect house) and sold a house (for more than they were asking.) all in the span of four hours.  Most of us do not have that ease of realizing a new choice that quickly.   But we could have that expectation. 

Our bottoms are made out of springs.  We have the ability to transcend - jump over - obstacles, false beliefs, and limiting expectations.  Knowing this and 'oiling' our springs helps us move to a place where this is the norm in our lives.

Did you know that when the original Star Trek series was being created, they had a limited budget for special effects?  The producers let the writers know that creating the special effects of the Star ship Enterprise landing on a planet was too expensive.   So, the writers had to figure out how to get around that and the transporter was created.  For some of us that was our favorite part of the show.  "Beam me up, Scottie."  And it all came about because the writers had to use their springs to transcend an 'obstacle.'

"Tina Fey never ceases to amaze me and I am Tina Fey." ( quote by Tina Fey)

Tigger says: "Sometimes someone amazing shows up.  Here I am!"

Each of us is unique and we have our own unique gifts to give.  The world needs us!  So, keep that rubber top pliable, and those bottoms made out of springs oiled, and let the uniqueness that is you shine forth!

Blessings and Light,

Rev. Carolyn

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