Sunday, December 29, 2013

This will be a new column we are starting from Vicky.  Let us know if you enjoy and want more of these.

Merry Christmas to ALL
First, on Sunday I got a few questions about the SynchroDestiny telebridge book study on Tuesday nights. The group is ongoing, but we have suspended meeting until the first Tuesday in January, which is January 7 at 8:00pm Eastern Time.
Also, along this same line, the Saturday Morning telebridge Discussion Group will also continue in 2014, and our next meeting is now Saturday, January 4 at 11:00 am Eastern Time.
To join either of these calls the number is the same: Dial 1 712 432 3100, then access code 809778.

Deepak Chopra calls Synchronicity "the Infinite Organizing Principle of the Universe." I mean he is talking about organization of Omnipotent Intelligence and down to subatomic detail. According to Deepak, learning the dance of synchronicity in Life opens literally limitless potential to orchestrate being a part of ongoing miraculous developments as a daily occurrence. My personal practice of this has born it out to be true, which is why I am on fire to share it with as many people as possible.
With "Principle" being a key component of Deepak's definition of synchronicity, it is no surprise that the practice of consciously working with synchronicities to cultivate miraculous demonstrations encompasses Science of Mind to a "T." In praying about this writing this morning, it came to me to research specifically what Ernest had to say about synchronicity in the SOM textbook. The word is used only one place in the text, in his sample treatment for Obstetrics. Personally, this alone was synchronistic for me, since I have a deep belief that one key to balance and harmony experienced in all things can be founded in how they come into creation. Ernest says that Creation is an infinitely synchronized process that is to be trusted.  What we first tend to notice as little coincidences are Spirit's invitation to us to dance.
So, how does storytelling figure into this? On Sunday, Rev. Carolyn led us into a delightful spontaneous opportunity to share personal Christmas stories. It was so rich to hear favorite memories, painted by those who had lived them like they were yesterday. Storytelling weaves our memories into rich texts for knowing and sharing who we are with the world. In this same way, storytelling about synchronicities weaves the pieces together and gives them energy through speaking the words with the emotions moments of perfect timing inspire. This combination of Attention with Intention is the Universal Recipe for Divine Demonstrations.

May simple joys throughout your Holidays make believing in what is Possible for You easier than ever!

Overflowing Blessings!

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