Sunday, December 29, 2013

I was thinking about why this time of year is so full of stories that are deeply heart-felt.  Part of it is that, it seems, the whole world is involved in creating a special time of the year full of expectations and "shoulds".   We should be happy.  We should be surrounded by family.  We should feel loved and be kind and send forth peace.  Christmas means these people should be together, eating this food, with these decorations, singing these songs, and saying these things, etc. etc. etc.   {Please don't expect me to have any thing other than an angel on the top of my tree.}

All of that is wonderful.  Or, it's not.

If everything works out as it 'should', then great; but for most of us that doesn't happen totally.  Learning to deal with the variations that happen, moves us from being in a reactive mode to things vs. being a creator of our lives.   It is the stories we tell ourselves around all of this that are important. 

On Sunday, we told stories.  Most were funny and warm and heart-inspiring.  And some (perhaps unsaid) were sad and nostalgic and brought a tear.

The spiritual truth in all of this is that we are our memories.  This is what makes us individuals.  

On a Sunday morning after all of us gather for a service, we each leave with a different memory of the past hour even though we all had the same 'experience'.   We interpret based on our past memories ( because what we have experienced is the filter through which all new experiences pass.).  The really cool thing is that we can rewrite our memories.

Oh yes we can!
a burning bowl ritual.  On January 5, we will have a meditative service and honor the different religions and expressions of Truth in the world.  One part of the service will be a world peace meditation.

I look forward to sharing this journey into the New Year with as many of you as possible in person, and with all of you in Spirit.  I anticipate with great joy creating memories with my LCSL family.

Much love and great glee! 
Rev.  Carolyn

P. S.  Thank you for supporting Tracy and I in creating a memory of playing cello and piano together to create a moment of sharing.  Playing for others is exciting, scary, terrifying and fun all at once.

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